Banquet hall for parties, weddings

We can satisfy most demands in our banqueting hall.

We arrange an enjoyable meal with hors d’oeuvres, an emotional family reception or serve specially planed dinners with drinks of your choice. We also organize seminaries or exhibitions for companies.

During the warmer months of the year you also enjoy the fresh air out on the banqueting rooms terrace, which overlooks the Nordic Museum of cultural history.

In direct connection with our banquet room is our beautiful wine cellar, filled with quality wine. Here we organize wine tasting or other arrangements.

Phone: +46 8 665 03 00

Banquet Hall

There are plenty of opportunities, but it’s not always easy to make them as special as you might want them to be. Contact us and we will help you bring that little extra to your party or reception.

We can help you arrange parties for every moment of your life, baptisms, weddings, birthdays, wedding days and even hours of commemoration after funerals. Every occasion requires consideration and loving planning.

We can also help you organise company parties, private parties and other sorts of arrangements.


Everybody knows the finishing touch of a party is a wonderful cake!