Things to see and do near Källhagen

Congress/ Trade fairs

Stockholm is ranked as one of the ten most popular congress destinations in the world and offers outstanding possibilities to host international meetings.


The Museum City of Stockholm parades around 70 museums, with more then 9 million visitors annually. In addition to the permanent exhibitions, the museums have current exhibitions that last from a few months to a year or more. Don’t forget the worldwide custom of museums being closed on Mondays.


Every day in Stockholm there are hundreds of different events taking place. Jazz concerts, art exhibitions, dance performances, theatre – find the type of entertainment that suits you best.

Ticnet arrange tickets for theatres, concerts, sports, festivals and trade fairs. SJ train tickets, and boat reservations for Silja Line, Viking Line, Birka Cruises and Scandline can also be collected from all ATG agents.
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