Saturday Lunch

Saturday Lunch
  • Lobster soup 150:-with cognac and scallops
  • Baked celleriac 140:-with mushroom croquett, gruyere and salsify
  • Our shrimp sandwich or salad – 155 / 225:-
  • Croque Monsieur 150:-Ham, cheese, tomato and mustard
  • Källhagens hamburger 195:-Pommes frites and onionrings (cooking time of 20 min)
  • Veal patties 180:-pickled cucumber and white peppar sauce
  • Fish- and sea food patties 180:-peas, boiled potatoes and sauce with champagne
  • Crèmè Brûlée 95:-
  • Chocolate praline of the season 28:-/st
  • Sweets of the day by Fredrik 30:-/st
  • Swedish cheese 45:-/st