• Jerusalem Artichoke soup 95:- Almond, gruyère, mushrooms
  • Egg from Gotland, horse radish and browned butter 135:-
  • Beef tenderloin, Västerbotten cheese, portabello mushrooms, browned butter
  • A variety of shellfish 150:- Crab, Lobster and scallop
From the barbecue
  • Beef loin and shortribs 260:- Cognac, green pepper, potato gratin with browned duck lever
  • Hamburger of the house with beef brisket 190:- Pommes frites, cheddar cheese, smoked bacon, union rings
Main course
  • Walleye from Hjälmaren 230:- Razor clams, artichokes and grilled garlic bread
  • Fish and shellfish stew 190:- Chives mayonnaise, croutons, vermouth sauce
  • Braised veal 230:- Salsiccia, tomato- and union compote, potato
  • Red beets and Jerusalem Artichoke 160:- Truffel, Chevré and walnuts
Always at Villa Källhagen
  • Fish & Seafood patties served with cabbage, dill flavored potatoes and white wine sauce 170:- 2012 Pinot Gris Signature, René Muré, Alsace, Frankrike glas 120:-/ flaska 420:-
  • Veal patties served with cream sauce, raw stirred lingonberries and cured cucumber 185:- 2010 Brazin Old Vine Zinfandel, California, USA glas 135:-/ flaska 480:-
  • Mango 115:- Coconut, browned butter and sesame
  • Pastry chef´s chocolate dessert 120:- Valrhona chocolate and black berries
  • Créme Brûlée 90:- Tahiti vanilla
  • Chocolate truffles 28:-
  • Swedish cheese 125:- 3 kinds with sides